Douglas Literacy Program

About the Literacy Program

The Douglas Arts and Humanities Association’s, and the Douglas Library’s, commitment to literacy is an integral part of our commitment to our community. We believe in parents reading to their children. We believe learning to read is an investment that opens doorways for personal, professional, artistic and economic growth. We believe that writing is a vital communication art. That is why our commitment to literacy remains strong. It is a gift that no one can take away — a gift that lasts a lifetime. It is a gift that empowers children and adults to share their own stories in their own way.

Contact for information:

Victoria Yarbrough

Past Events:

Jennifer Lee Carrell will be visiting the library on Saturday, May 15, as part of her new book tour, HAUNT ME STILL.


I was born in 1962, in Washington, D.C., but I grew up in Arizona. I have a Ph.D. in English from Harvard, along with undergraduate degrees from Oxford and Stanford. I was first pulled into studying literature by the Arthurian legend, and later by Norse sagas, Tolkien, and Shakespeare; my father jokes that I majored in fairy tales. It’s something of a surprise to find myself writing thrillers. Before I began to write books full time, I taught literature and writing at Harvard. Later, I was the classical music critic for the Arizona Daily Star. I’ve also written a number of pieces for the Smithsonian Magazine. I live in Tucson, Arizona, with my husband, son, two dogs and three cats.My first book, The Speckled Monster, is what you might call a non-fiction thriller about smallpox, set in 1721. USA Today praised it as being written “in a compelling, almost novelistic, voice.” My second book—but first novel—has become an international bestseller, translated into 28 languages. It’s calledInterred with Their Bones in the U.S., and The Shakespeare Secret in the UK and many other countries. My newest book is titled Haunt Me Still in the U.S. and The Shakespeare Curse in the UK. Italy has called it Il Sangue che Resta, or The Blood That Remains. (Blood may remain, apparently, but titles are wayward and inconstant as the moon.) I hope you’ll give it a try!

Here’s a link to her page with more information about her: